Tammy Bonds joins nursing staff

Tamarah (Tammy) Bonds says she was a little apprehensive about moving to a new part of the country, when she and her husband, Dr. James Bonds, decided to accept positions at Blue Mountain Hospital. But after a short time in Blanding she says she loves it.

The Prattville, Alabama native is the newest member of the hospital’s nursing staff, a staff she says is ‘great.’

“I’m very impressed with the how versatile the nurses are. They work in many different areas, and that’s unusual,” she said.

According to Tammy, in many hospitals nurses work in one area exclusively. At the Brookwood Medical Center, in Birmingham, Alabama, where she worked before moving to Blanding, for instance, Tammy always worked in critical care. Since coming to Blue Mountain Hospital, she’s had the opportunity to work in a few diff e rent areas, including OR.

“The staff is great, and I really enjoy learning new skills and working in different areas,” she said. She said she ’s taken so me trauma courses and might be teaching a few trauma classes in the future.

After graduating from high school in Prattville, Tammy entered the nursing program at Auburn University, in Auburn, Alabama. After two years at Auburn, she transferred the University of Alabama, in Tuscaloosa, where she earned her Bachelors’ Degree in Nursing and became an RN. She then worked as a staff nurse in critical care units, ranging from surgery to intensive care for two years. She later worked as Administrative Director in critical care at Brookwood Medical Center for eight years, before moving to Blanding.

She met Dr. James Bonds while they were both working at a hospital in Prattville, where she was a nurse in ICU. Between them the couple has four children, two boys and two girls. They are all grown and living in various parts of the country. They also have one 2-year-old grandson.

Tammy said she and Dr. Bonds love the Blanding area. She said she loves the slower pace and all the recreational opportunities available in San Juan County.

“I was afraid I’d be bored but there is so much to do, recreationally and at work,” she said.

She and Dr. Bonds both love biking and hiking and  plan to ride in the Quarter Horse Bike Ride, in Colorado, in May. She said she’s also taking horseback riding classes.

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