Hospital Foundation Board holds January meeting

The Blue Mountain Hospital Foundation had it’s annual meeting in January to discuss a number of items.

The Blue Mountain Hospital Foundation is a 501(c) (3) not for profit organization, made up of private citizens, who are concerned with the success and wellbeing of Blue Mountain Hospital. The primary purpose of the Foundation is to promote the growth and expansion of services available at the hospital.

Foundation members participate in fund-raising activities during the year to help raise funds for the hospital. 100% of any funds raised by the Foundation are donated directly to the hospital. No member of the Foundation receives any remuneration, in any form, for their time contributed, or efforts given, in behalf of  Blue Mountain Hospital. The administration and staff of Blue Mountain Hospital greatly appreciates the efforts of the Blue Mountain Hospital Foundation. Their contributions are important, and demonstrate the type of support needed from the community to make the hospital successful.

Foundation Officers are:

  • Chairman- Robert G. Ogle
  • Co-chair- Jon Hunt
  • Treasurer- Kent Tibbits
  • Treasurer- Donna Slade

Foundation Members are:

  • Craig Stanley
  • Dallin Redd
  • Trevor Olson
  • Laverne Tate
  • Pete Black
  • Jed Lyman

The Foundation made a $4,000 contribution to the hospital in 2013 through its fund-raising efforts. The Foundation participated in, and had a presence at the Blanding 4th of July celebration and at the  Christmas Tree For All in 2013. We thank the Foundation for its continued support.

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