Brandon Dee earns coding certification

Brandon Dee recently received his certification as a medical coder for Utah Navajo Health System, Inc., bringing the number of certified medical coders at UNHS to four.

Brandon joins Pauline Grant, Valencia Stash and Garrett Holly as UNHS medical coders, after spending two weeks of comprehensive training in Window Rock, Arizona, last August. He said the training was actually called ‘boot camp’ and consisted of eight-hour sessions each day with a final exam on Friday of the second week. He passed the final coding test last month and learned he’d been officially certified on April 17.

Brandon was raised in Red Mesa and graduated from Whitehorse High School in 2006. He began working at UNHS nearly three years ago in Accounts Receivable, doing pharmacy charges. His supervisor, Garrett Holly, suggested Brandon take the medical coder course, and Brandon’s glad he took Holly’s advice.

According to Holly, UNHS averages 4500 medical coding encounters monthly. Medical coders are thoroughly trained in medical terminology and HIPPA regulations. They are trained to interpret provider documents and provide the first line of defense to ensure patients are charged for the correct levels of service so that all charges reflect the services patients actually requested. Holly said medical coders provide a valuable service to UNHS.

Congratulations to Brandon Dee on receiving his medical coding certification.

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