Living the dream at UNHS AR Dept

Martha Whitehorse began working for the UNHS Accounts Receivable department in March, fulfilling a goal she’s had for more than fifteen years.

Martha studied Medical Billing after graduating from Taylorsville High School in 1998. Unfortunately she was told she didn’t have enough experience in the field at that time and was unable to get a job in her chosen profession. Instead, she studied Cosmetology at Salt Lake Community College and worked in that field for several years, while she and her husband, Travis, started raising their family.

Four years ago the family came to San Juan County and moved near the Hatch Trading Post with Travis’ family, Mary L. Whitehorse and the late James Billy Whitehorse. Since moving back to her husband’s home, Martha has worked as an elementary and high school substitute teacher. She also worked as an adult education instructor in Montezuma Creek.

She said she heard about the opening with UNHS in Accounts Receivable, applied for the job and was hired.

“I’ve come full circle,” she said. “I couldn’t get a job in medical billing at first, but now I’ve gotten my chance. I really like it here. It’s a great opportunity.”

Martha and Travis have two children, a 16-year-old son and an 8-year-old daughter, who attend school at Whitehorse High School and Montezuma Creek Elementary School.

Martha was born in Mexico City, Mexico and lived there until her family moved to Orange County, California when she was three. She also lived in Duvall, Washington for a time, before moving to Taylorsville, Utah when she was eleven years old.

We’re glad Martha got her chance to fulfill her dream and work in the Accounts Receivable Department at UNHS. She’s a welcome addition to the Montezuma Creek Community Health Center and the entire UNHS family.

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