Helo safety topic of June training at BM Hospital

by Cari Spillman, BMH ER Tech Manager

On June 18th, Classic Air Medical came Blanding to do a training for Blue Mountain Hospital’s Emergency Room staff and other community agency members.

Buckle Up… BMH RN Georgia Black prepares for her helicopter ride as part of the recent Classic Air training. Courtesy photo

Blanding Fire and Police, and representatives of San Juan County EMS attended.  Classic staff gave instruction on how to load and unload, and talked about the differences in hot and cold loading (a hot load is when you load a patient with the helicopter running). They offered a lot of safety and etiquette tips to be observed around helicopters.

It was a great training and we are looking forward to the next training with Classic Air, when they will actually let Fire/EMS practice hot loading.  For those of us who are around helicopters a lot in our various jobs, this is great information to have.

Ready for lift off…
BMH CEO Jeremy Lyman (L) and Burdett Shumway (R) got a free ride in a Classic Air
helicopter during the recent training held at the hospital in June. Courtesy photo

During the recent training they also took three of our hospital staff for a quick scenic flight, which was appreciated! We are grateful to Classic Air for taking the time to come down and educate us on Helicopter safety, and for all the services they provide to our community.  Along with patient transports, Classic will also help out with search and rescue missions in the county. They have also been invaluable in transporting patients from remote areas, when necessary.

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