BMH Assistant Director of Nursing named

The rapid growth of Blue Mountain Hospital has created the need for a new Assistant Director of Nursing position to help maintain the day-to-day nursing operations of the hospital.

Logan Monson, RN, has been selected as the new Assistant Director of Nursing, working along with BMH Director of Nursing, Kent Turek. Monson came to BMH a year-and-a-half ago, after receiving his LPN/RN degrees from the nursing program at Utah State University – Eastern, Blanding Center, in 2014. While in nursing school, he worked at the Four Corners Regional Care Center, in Blanding. When he came to BMH, he worked as an RN in the Operating Room until being selected for his new position from a field of highly qualified candidates.

“We had a lot of incredible applicants for this position,” explained Turek. “It was not an easy decision at all.”

Turek said the decision to create the Assistant Director of Nursing position came from an evaluation of work loads for different hospital staff, and looking for ways to increase productivity.

“The goal is to provide better care for patients, obviously, and to provide better training for staff and overall, just assist in hospital processes as we continue to bring on new services and things of that nature,” Turek added. “This has helped out a lot. Two heads are better than one in many situations.”

Monson’s assignments are not strictly defined as yet, but Turek said he will work primarily in the area of nursing. This will free Turek to do more administrative chores, but he will still work with the nursing staff and even work with patients as an RN, himself.

Monson was raised in Blanding, and is a 2006 graduate of San Juan High School. His parents are Rich and Sheila Monson. After high school, Logan attended one year of junior college in Blanding, before serving a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Spanish-speaking mission. He later worked for two years at Wells Fargo Bank, in Blanding. During his time at Wells Fargo he met, and married, Sara Reeve, of Monticello. They were married in July 2010. Sara is a 2005 graduate of Monticello High School, the daughter of Gordon and Susan Reeve. They now have three children, two girls and a boy.

With his new position, Logan continues to work as a nurse and divides his time between nursing in various areas of the hospital and time in his office, doing administrative work. He said he feels fortunate to work at Blue Mountain Hospital, and he’s enjoying his new job.

“I like to work with people. The hospital has a great staff and I enjoy working with all of them,” Monson said. “I’m still figuring out what this job is all about. BMH is growing fast and adding new services, including orthopedic surgery. It’s exciting to see.”

According to Turek, Monson was selected for the new position because of his drive for excellence and ability to look for innovation, and take additional roles and challenges in stride. He has a great attitude about the work,” Turek added.

Congratulations to Logan Monson on his new position, we wish him success.19

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