UNHS pharmacies offer phone-in prescription refills

The pharmacies at Utah Navajo Health System Community Health Centers in Montezuma Creek, Monument Valley, and Blue Mountain Pharmacy in Blanding are adding a new IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) service to help make getting prescription refills easier, safer and more convenient.

According to UNHS PharmD Dr. Brian Gilson, the new service allows patients needing valid prescription refills to call their UNHS pharmacy in Montezuma Creek or Monument Valley, or Blue Mountain Pharmacy (inside Blue Mountain Hospital) any time, day or night, and request prescription refills. When they call, patients will reach a computerized answering machine that will allow them to choose from several options such as entering their prescription number for refills, leaving a message, or speak with pharmacy personnel. The system walks the patients through the process by giving verbal prompts to assist them.

If the patient chooses to enter in a prescription number the computer will save the information into the Robotic Dispensing System that will begin the process of filling and checking the patient’s request.  The IVR, working with the Robotic Dispensing System will make refilling prescriptions safer and more convenient for patients. It also helps pharmacists refill the prescription faster and more efficiently. The computer will also let the patient know approximately when the refill will be ready to pick up.  This will save the patient time and let them know when they can get their refills, avoiding the need for long waits at the pharmacy.

Each morning pharmacy staff will be able to begin filling prescriptions that were called in during the night and check for any messages.  Prescriptions called in during working hours will be filled during the day.  Messages will be checked periodically during business days.

According to Dr. Gilson, patients can enter the numbers for several prescription refills at one time, so all their refills can be entered into the computer at once. Patients will also be given the option of leaving a phone message for the pharmacist. Gilson said the IVR System is being used across the nation and has been a convenient, time saving service for patients wherever it is used. He said he has used the same system where he worked prior to coming to UNHS and that it worked very well and patients really appreciated it. That is the goal for the new UNHS IVR system, to make refilling prescriptions more convenient and safe, while saving patients time.

All 3 pharmacies are attaching handouts with your prescription bags to help you better understand how the system works.  If you have additional needs please speak with our staff and we would be more than happy to help you.

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