New Employees at Utah Navajo Health System Inc.

linda-hemanLinda Heman

  Linda Heman joined the UNHS Behavioral Health team in May of this year after graduating from Ft. Lewis College, in Durango, with a degree in Sociology.

  Her position with UNHS is that of Outreach Coordinator with Supportive Education. Linda said she really enjoys her job, and the opportunity she has to reach out to a lot of people in the area, including those in the most rural areas.

  She currently works with eight patients, some of whom are either in college or are about to enter college. Others are working on their GED, while others are back in high school working on graduation. She said she hopes to build a coalition of people from the Aneth and Montezuma Creek area who will work to support education and become aware of what services UNHS Behavioral Health can offer the community. She also wants to get the local Chapter officials and people involved with the Behavioral Health Department’s efforts with suicide prevention, Safe Talk classes and other programs to help save lives. Linda also strives to reach out to those at risk with mental health concerns who need assistance.

  “I really like this position. These students are like my own kids,” Linda explained. “It’s like being a mother to them. Showing compassion, loving them and trying to motivate them to become engaged in education. I want to help them decide what they want to be when they are older and get all of their family to help.”

  Linda was raised in Aneth and attended high school in Gallup, New Mexico, where she graduated in 1982. She spent many years raising her family and being a full-time mother to two boys and one girl. Her daughter Cheryl is the Care Coordinator with UNHS Behavioral Health. When Linda decided to attend college she wanted to study Sociology because it is such a broad field of study. She worked as an intern with the UNHS Behavioral Health Department and developed a passion to return to her community and help the people.

  Later, UNHS Behavioral Health Director Rick Hendy helped her get a temporary job as counselor with the San Juan Foundation, while she finished her studies. Once she graduated she accepted a job with UNHS.

  In her spare time, Linda enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities like camping and hiking. She travels with one of her sons, who enjoys ice climbing. She also likes to watch her 9-year-old grandson ski. In addition, she dabbles in oil painting when she gets the chance.

  Linda is a great addition to the UNHS Behavioral Health team and we’re glad to have her as part of the family.

rosina-tsosieRosina Tsosie

  Rosina Tsosie started working for UNHS in October as a Clinical Outpatient Assistant in Etta Shum-way’s office, helping coordinate visits by the Moran Eye Center, from the University of Utah.

  Originally from Rock Point, Arizona, Rosina at ended school in Rock Point, Red Mesa and Rough Rock, Arizona, where she graduated from high school in 1994. She’s has spent time as a stay-at-home mom, worked for four years as a substitute teacher for elementary school and an after-school high school tutor.

  Rosina moved to Blanding in 2010 and attended Utah State University Eastern – Blanding Campus, where she received her certificate as a Medial Assistant. She later worked as an MA in the Blue Mountain Hospital Operating Room.

  After leaving Blue Mountain Hospital, she went back to school at Dine´College, in Tsaile, Arizona and received her Associates Degree in Behavioral Science earlier this year. She believed she might work for Social Services after receiving her Associates Degree, but we’re glad she decided to accept her position with Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. instead

  Rosina has three children. Her daughter attends USU Eastern-Blanding Campus and plans to study nursing. Her oldest son is a junior at San Juan High School and her youngest son is in the third grade. In her spare time Rosina enjoys hiking and in the Fall and Winter she likes hunting. She’s a pretty good hunter, and this year she got a 3-point buck. Way to go! She also likes taking long trips with her family.

  Rosina said she really likes her job and working with Etta Shumway. We’re glad to have her as a member of the UNHS family and we wish her well in her new position.

shadiin-begayShadiin Begay

  Shadiin Begay recently joined the Utah Navajo Health System Dental team as a Dental Assistant in the Blanding Family Dental office.

  Shadiin, known by her friends and associates as Turquoise, was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and lived there until she moved to Blanding to finish her high school career at San Juan High School. She graduated from SJHS in 2011 and then returned to Denver.

   She attended Concorde Career College, in Aurora, Colorado, and received her Associates Degree as a  Dental Assistant in 2015. After graduation, Shadiin returned to Blanding to be near her mother and many family members. In October she was hired by UNHS to be a Dental Assistant at the Blanding Family Dental Office. She said she enjoys being a Dental Assistant and is pleased with her job at UNHS and the friendly staff at Blanding Family Dental.

  Shadiin is married and has two children, a daughter, 3 and a son, 1. She is also expecting a third child in February. In her spare time, she enjoys sports, like softball and volleyball, but admits she will have to put that off for now.

  Shadiin is welcome addition to the UNHS family. When you see her say hello.

michele-chiefMichele Chief

  Michele Chief is the newest member of the UNHS Patient Registration team at the Monument Valley Community Health Center, and she can also be seen filling in at the Navajo Mountain Clinic.

  A 1992 graduate of Monument Valley High School, in Kayenta, Michele is originally from Shonto. After high school Michele attended college at Yavapai College, in Prescott, Arizona and also at Arizona State University for a time. She lived in northern Utah with her mother and other family members from 1995 to 2001. Her mother still lives in Clinton, Utah and works for the United States Postal Service there. She also has a brother and a sister who live in Roy, Utah and another brother who lives in Draper. She said her  brother who is just behind her, is in the Air Force and is one of the first Native American Pararescuemen.

  In 2001 Michele went to work for the Kayenta Unified School District in the business office and as a substitute teacher. She later worked as a lifeguard, swimming instructor and eventually Pool Manager for the School District. She also received an Associates Degree from Dine´College in 2008.

  Along the way, Michele kept busy raising her family. She has two grown daughters, ages 23 and 18, and a grown son – age 21. She also has a daughter and a son still in school, ages 11 and 9. Between work and raising her family, Michele has managed to keep a positive outlook on life and she said she likes helping people. She first became a patient at the UNHS Monu- ment Valley Community Health Center and said even though she lived in Kayenta she enjoyed receiving her health care there.

  More recently, Michele spent two years working with high school students in Flagstaff, Arizona. The job required her to spend five or more days at a time away from her family. The long drive back and forth and the extended absences from her family prompted Michele to seek another job and she learned about a position with UNHS.

  “The ladies at the front desk knew I was looking for another job and they told me about a patient registration position that was open and I applied,” she explained. “I like working with people and I enjoy UNHS. There are a lot of nice people here. I’ve never seen a place where people smile so much. It’s a good place to work.”

  Her new position also gives her a chance to travel to Navajo Mountain at times and work with the patients and staff at the UNHS clinic there. Michele enjoys that opportunity too. She still has family in the Shonto area. She and her husband still live in Kayenta.

  Michele is excited to be working with UNHS but she hasn’t given up on her education. She is currently taking on-line business courses from Arizona State University and hopes to get her business degree in a few semesters.

  “I’ve always had a natural knack for business. It started when I took accounting classes in high school and later I helped my mom with her taxes,” she said.

  Even with a degree in business, Michele said she intends to keep working with UNHS as long as she can.

  “Everyone is so nice here and there’s a positive attitude about them. I think the reason might be that sometimes you hear music playing and it is so calming. It’s something different. On the reservation it’s hard to get this type of medical service.” she added. “I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work for a company that truly cares for the patients and I appreciate that I can be a part of it.”

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