Dr. McCullough is new BMH Medical Director

Dr. Casey McCullough has  been named the new Medical Director for Blue Mountain Hospital, replacing Dr. Mahana Fisher, who assumed the position in early in 2014.

Dr. McCullough joined Utah Navajo Health System in July of 2013, practicing family medicine and obstetrics for UNHS and at Blue Mountain Hospital. In the past three-and-a-half years he has been instrumental member of the medical staff at UNHS and BMH.. A native of Panquitch, Utah, Dr. McCullough says he has no intention of leaving San Juan County any time soon.

“I love UNHS. It is an incredible company with lots of vision and what they do to serve the health needs of the people is great,” he said.

“Its an excellent institution with a talented staff, always making improvements to better serve the community. It’s great to be part of it.”

He also praised Blue Mountain Hospital and said it is doing a great job of expanding its services and what is possible at the hospital. He’s excited for the new services the hospital is adding that will allow patients to stay here for health care, rather than leave the community.

“That’s a huge benefit for the community,” he said. “The Tele-ICU change will allow providers to care for the sick here, including some of the more complicated surgical patients.”

He is also looking forward to expanded radiology services, increasing the number of  Orthopedic surgery procedures and adding Dr. Patricia Spencer to the medical staff for both UNHS and Blue Mountain Hospital.

“Dr. Spencer is an excellent addition to our medical staff. With her diverse experience in internal medicine and OB, she brings that experience and knowledge to her patients,” the Dr. said.

He also stressed that he might have a few more meetings to go to, but the new position won’t change his normal patient responsibilities at all. He said everyone takes a turn as Medical Director and this is his turn.

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