UNHS Standard of Excellence for February

In 2016 UNHS adopted a list of standards and behaviors that reflect the behaviors UNHS, as an organiza- tion, would like to foster among its employees, as well as to their patients and  within the community, called the Standards of Excellence.

UNHS Staff select a Standard of the Month to encourage employees to work even harder in those areas, during that month, to improve themselves, which ultimately will help improve  customer service to those they serve.  UNHS would like to be known as an organization that has AMAZING customer service as their Mission Statement says.

The Standard of the month for February is…


The behavior that accompanies this standard is:

Conduct myself as a member of a “solutions” team by engaging in group problem solving and provide ideas for resolution!


UNHS Mission Statement

“We exist to improve quality of life through comprehensive, self-empowered, culturally-sensitive healthcare and amazing customer service.”

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