New Employees at Utah Navajo Health System Inc.

Cryshal Graymountain

There’s a new receptionist sitting behind the glass at the UNHS Navajo Mountain Community Health Center these days, but she is not new to the community.

Cryshal Graymountain is a native of Navajo Mountain and graduated from Navajo Mountain High School in 2000. After high school she worked at various jobs before attending college in Phoenix, Arizona, where she earned her certification in both Accounting and Health Information in 2011.

Following college, she used her certification and went to work for the Rural Metro Ambulance Company, in Scottsdale, Arizona for five years. She then took a position with Banner Health, in Phoenix for one year, before accepting a job with Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. in January of this year. She now works in Patient Registration, helping patients who come to the Navajo Mountain Clinic.

“I love that I was able to come home,” Cryshal said. “I have a big family here at Navajo Mountain with lots of cousins and family members.” She even works with some of her cousins at the Navajo Mountain Clinic and she’s having a great time.

When not working, Cryshal enjoys hiking and outdoor activities, but since moving back home, she’s also taken up making coffee. One of the things she misses about living in the city is the Dunkin’ Donuts shop and the coffee they serve. Now she uses a Ninja Coffee Maker to serve up coffee similar to that she got at Dunkin’ Donuts.

She also likes to hang out with family, including her nieces and nephews. She likes to keep busy.

We are happy to welcome Cryshal back to Navajo Mountain as part of the UNHS family, as well as her own family. We know she’ll be an asset to the clinic there. When you see her behind the glass, or in other places, tell her hello and welcome her home.

Rachelle Ashley

If you’ve visited the Blanding Family Dental office recently you may have noticed a friendly new face behind the reception desk.

Rachelle Ashley is the newest member of the Blanding Family Dental staff and she’s doing a great job welcoming patients and making their visit to BFD enjoyable. She started  working there in January of this year and she said so far it’s been a blast.

“I’m grateful to UNHS for working with me,” she said. “I’m learning new things and it’s fun.”

Rachelle was born and raised in Houck, Arizona. She attended one-and-a-half years of high school in Houck, before moving to Salt Lake City, where she attended Cottonwood High School. She graduated in 1992. After high school she worked and also attended Salt Lake Community College, where she studied Social Psychology for a time. After she left school, she decided to travel ‘abroad’ so she moved to Montana and lived there for two years. She moved back to Salt Lake for a while, then moved again to California, South Dakota and back to Montana. She said she had fun traveling but she eventually ended up in Blanding, where she went to work for Blue Mountain Hospital when it opened in 2009. She worked as a front desk receptionist for one year, and then decided to move again. This time she went to Hawaii and worked for a construction company in Hilo for six months.

In time she went back to school and received her certification as a Certified Nursing Assistant, adding that CNA work did not have an ‘abrasive work environment’. Eventually she ended up back in Blanding, where her daughter attends San Juan High School and she is helping patients at Blanding Family Dental. She said she thinks she’ll stay put for a while now, since her daughter enjoys being a San Juan Bronco and she’s just a freshman.

We’re happy to have Rachelle working as part of the UNHS family. She’s a welcome addition and if you happen to meet her, say hello.

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