Kathleen Sam is new Patient Transport Dispatcher for UNHS

Kathleen Sam has worked with Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. since 2011, wearing a number of different hats but she was recently promoted to the job of Patient Transport Dispatcher in Montezuma Creek.

The retirement of UNHS EMS Training Officer/Paramedic, Ray Whaley, left a void in the EMS service that was filled by Otis Oldman. Oldman, who is also a Paramedic, was moved from his position as Patient Transport Dispatcher in Montezuma Creek to EMS Training Officer. That’s when Kathleen was moved into Oldman’s old position.

During her years with UNHS, Kathleen has been a Patient Transport Driver, and a Billing Assistant in the patient transport billing claims office, working with Heather Brown and Kimberly Lansing. She also filled in as needed when EMS office staff were away, and later she took the Basic Life Support EMT class and became an EMT. Kathleen recently completed the Advanced Life Support EMT class, before Ray Whaley left UNHS, and is now waiting to take her final written test to become an ALS EMT.

Kathleen grew up in Aneth and attended Whitehorse High School. She graduated in 1991 and moved to Salt Lake City for several years. There, she worked for a company called Laminating Specialties. While in Salt Lake she also received her certification as a Medical Records Specialist.

She later moved to Steamboat, Arizona and lived there for twelve years. For ten of those years she worked as a long-term provider for disabled and mentally challenged patients, and did some Human Resources and other office work with Toyei Industries, in Steamboat. The company later moved to Chinle, Arizona. She also worked at Sage Memorial Hospital, in Ganado, Arizona.

She moved back to Aneth in 2011 and began working with UNHS. The move brought her closer to her mother and father, aunts, uncles and other family members. Kathleen said she really likes working at UNHS and looks forward to her new position. There’s a lot to learn, she added, but she’s looking forward to the challenge.

Kathleen has two sons, ages 16 and 7, and a daughter, age 11. She enjoys spending time with her family when she’s not working. She also enjoys gardening, traveling, camping and running in half-marathon races. Her goal is to beat a time of 3-1/2 hours.

We congratulate Kathleen on her new assignment and wish her luck. We’re happy to have her as part of the UNHS family.

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