UNHS hires new manager for Title X Program

In May 2016 Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. teamed up with Arizona Family Health Partnership to open new avenues of reproductive health care for UNHS patients, under the Federal Title X Program.

At the time, UNHS CEO explained that patients, who are eligible for Title X funding, must qualify at the 100% Federal Poverty Level. He also stressed the program is not about race. Anybody can join the program if they meet the 100% Federal Poverty Level guidelines.

He further explained those who qualify for the program are billed on a sliding scale just as with clinic visits.

The program has been very successful with UNHS patients over the past year. So much so, it is expanding to include a new Title X Manager, who will work primarily from the Blanding Family Practice Community Health Center and do outreach at the Montezuma Creek and Monument Valley CHS’s on a regular basis. Waynette Denny is the new Title X Manager. She works with Blanding Family Practice Clinical Manager Nick Fox to help provide education and information about the Title X Program to UNHS patients and residents throughout San Juan County.

Waynette grew up in Monument Valley and graduated from Monument Valley High School in 2007. She served in the United States Army and trained as a Medic. While in the Army she received an Associates Degree from George Washington University as part of her accelerated training program at Fort Sam Houston, in Texas. In 2012, after returning from deployment oversees, she began working for UNHS as a Medical Assistant. She later returned to Texas and served as an Army Instructor at Camp Mabry, in Austin, Texas, for one year. She returned to work for UNHS as a Lab Technician at the Monument Valley Community Health Center in February 2016. She was recently selected for the position as Title X Manager and she said she’s very excited about the position.

“I’ll be an advocate for the community to let them know what services we provide and the help that is available,” she said.

Waynette also hopes to bridge any gaps in communication between providers, nursing staff, billing department and front desk personnel to make sure patients being seen as Title X patients are provided with all the information they need to know about the Title X Program.

“I also hope to educate our employees so they can provide patients with information about our services, like birth control and testing, and provide the educational materials approved by the Title X Program,” she added. “I will be doing outreach with community members so they know what services are available,” Waynette continued. “The more they know about our services the better the decisions they can make as a community about Well Women Services, birth control and family planning.”

Waynette said she doesn’t pursue a lot of hobbies or outside activities when not working. She keeps busy caring for her 2-1/2-year-old son. She’s also expecting her second child in August. She does enjoy running and most outdoor activities when she has time.

“I do like working with UNHS,” she stressed. “A person is really lucky to be hired by this company. Especially here.”

We are glad to have Waynette working with UNHS and we wish her all the best in her new position as Title X Manager.

According to Michael Jensen, UNHS patients have a variety of services available to them under the Title X Program. He explained that patients who qualify at the 100% Federal Poverty Level may have access to free, or less expensive, birth control pills, condoms and other contraceptive methods like vasectomies and tubal ligations. Patients can also qualify for sexually transmitted infection (STI/STD) testing, prevention education, counseling, limited treatment and referrals; pregnancy testing, counseling and resources; pelvic exams, including pap smears; breast exams; family planning counseling and education; basic infertility screening; emergency contraception; and reproductive health counseling and education. All these are funded under Title X.

Envision participants for 2017…
The 2017 Junior National Young Leaders Conference participants posed for this photo during their visit to Washington D.C. in June. Tatum Begay, of Montezuma Creek, is pictured fourth from the left in the front row. Courtesy photo

“This is something that was not been available in San Juan County before the Title X Program. The services have been available but not the funding to pay for them,” Jensen explained at the time the program began. “Residents could have had these procedures done and had these services available but they would have had to pay for them out of pocket. Now we have access to Title X funds through this agreement with Arizona Family Health Partnership.”

Arizona Family Health Partnership is primarily funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services through the Title X Program. Jensen stressed that this new Title X funding will allow UNHS to offer many services for family planning, but it will not be the UNHS version of

Planned Parenthood. In fact, he made it clear that Title X cannot fund abortions and there will be no abortions with this new partnership.

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