Did You Know?

Did you know, if you change insurance companies, or even insurance plans, it is a good idea to reach out to your medical provider to update your information and ensure they are in network.

If your insurance changes it is a good idea to call any provider, clinic or hospital (facility) you receive health care from to notify them of the change. This is a good time to update your insurance information for future visits as well as verify if your provider and facility are in network with your new insurance. If your current provider or facility is not in network with your new insurance, your insurance may not pay as much, leaving you with a higher out of pocket responsibility.

Notifying your provider/ facility of the change gives them an opportunity to work with your new insurance to become an in network provider/facility.  If you have new insurance, or wish to verify if Blue Mountain Hospital is in network with your current insurance, please reach out to our Business Office at 435-678-3993 or stop by the Front Desk.

If you have questions or concerns about this topic or other billing or insurance issues, please call us at 678-3993 or email bmhbilling@bmhutah.org.

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