New programs for UNHS employees

Utah Navajo Health System, Inc. has begun two new programs for their employees and staff, aimed at recognizing accomplishment and encouraging better health and fitness.

The first program allows supervisors and employees, alike, to recognize staff and fellow employees for their hard work, and efforts to make UNHS the best it can be. According to UNHS Human Resources Director, Herb Clah, Jr., department supervisors can recognize their staff’s individual achievements in living the UNHS Standards of Excellence. Employees can also recognize their peers for upholding the same standards and values. In doing so, supervisors and staff can contact the UNHS Human Resources Department and give their reasons, in writing, for recognizing these individuals. If they are chosen to be recognized they receive points that can be used for gifts through the Michael C. Fina Recognition Program.

UNHS staff members did take time to relax and talk, during last week’s retreat. Staff Photo

The Michael C. Fina website describes this reward program this way, “Employees earn points, and they can choose to instantly redeem or save them, giving them full control over their rewards experience. Points can be redeemed for millions of items including gift cards, merchandise, experiential packages and event tickets, ensuring something for everyone at every point value.”

Michael C. Fina was founded in 1935 in New York City. In 1970 they opened a facility dedicated entirely to supporting reward and recognition programs. Now they are a leader in the recognition industry, helping companies worldwide deliver recognition, rewards, and incentive programs with nearly 50 years of service behind them.

UNHS employees can earn recognition points throughout the year, not just once or twice, if they continue to be recognized for their efforts to uphold and endorse the UNHS Standards of Excellence. Employees can also be recognized, and receive points, for milestones such as longevity with the organization (5, 10, 15 years with the organization) and special occasions. Individuals can extend a ‘thank you’ to a fellow employee by contacting the HR Department and giving them their reasons in writing. A simple ‘thank you’ is a welcome, encouraging gesture, but it does not earn points for the individual being recognized.

All recognitions must be approved by a supervisor or by the HR department to ensure that individuals are not simply soliciting recognition from fellow employees, in order to secure points without having a reason. This keeps individuals from campaigning for recognition points with fellow employees and abusing the program.

Clah said the goal of teaming with Michael C. Fina, through this program, is to create an greater incentive for employees to uphold and honor the organization’s Standards of Excellence, and reward them for honoring the UNHS Mission Statement, “We exist to improve quality of life through comprehensive, self-empowered, culturally-sensitive healthcare and amazing customer service.” For more information about the UNHS employee recognition program with Michael C. Fina, contact the Human Services Department.

Another program recently started with UNHS is the Go365™® Program.

Getting set for Go365…
Blue Mountain Hospital Lab Tech Rick Winsor (R) and Lab Manager Jan Bradford (C in background) were at last week’s UNHS retreat to help draw blood and work with UNHS Employees signing up for Go365™®. Staff photo

Go365™® allows employees to engage in a personalized fitness program, track their individual progress and receive award points for meeting personal goals along the way. Clah said these points can also be redeemed for gifts through Michael C. Fina.

Employees can register online at They take an initial health assessment and answer some general questions about height, weight and other items. This is not a mandatory program for UNHS employees, but Clah said everyone is encouraged to participate because it fosters healthier lifestyles and wellness. As they participate in this program, employees set personal fitness goals to work toward and work at their own pace to achieve those goals. Currently about 177 UNHS employees are involved in the Go365™® Program.

“We’d like to get everyone involved because healthy employees, who engage in physical activity, are healthier and more productive,” Clah explained. “Many of those already signed up are the more serious ones who already have a healthy lifestyle. We support our employees’ well being. We have many employees who participate in races and other activities throughout the year, and we pick up some of the registration fees for these races.”

During the recent UNHS employee retreat employees from Cedars Diagnostic of Durango, and Blue Mountain Hospital in Blanding, were on hand to do biometric screenings and blood work for those employees who wish to participate in the program. UNHS employees who want more information about joining Go365™®  can contact the UNHS Human Resources Department.

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