New Employees at Utah Navajo Health System, Inc.

Desiree Pelt grew up in Navajo Mountain, but left the community before graduating high school and spent more than ten years raising a family, working and finishing college, before returning home to work for UNHS.

Desiree began working at the UNHS Navajo Mountain Community Health Center in July 2017, a year after she graduated from Chamberlain College of Nursing, in Phoenix, Arizona, with her Bachelors Degree. She completed her RN studies at Chamberlain College in June 2016, but took a year off to stay home with her four children. She has two sons, ages 11 years and 11 months, and two daughters, ages 9 and 4 years.

She learned about the RN position with UNHS from her family, who urged her to apply. After passing her Boards in June of this year, she went to the Navajo Mountain Clinic on a day when Clinical Managers Nick Fox and Koleyna Holly were visiting. Her meeting with them went well, she applied, and got the job.

“I enjoy working for UNHS. The people are very welcoming and it’s easy to contact and communicate with everyone,” she explained. “If you need to talk to someone, you can text them on their cell phones and they don’t mind. At other places they tell you, ‘don’t contact me unless there’s a problem.’ It’s not like that here. It’s a great organization, very open. Everyone is good to work with.”

Desiree graduated from Greyhills Academy High School, in Tuba City, Arizona, in 2006. She then attended Dine´ College, in Tuba City, for a while and later took nursing classes at Northern Arizona University, in Flagstaff, Arizona. After that, she took time away from school to work and continue raising her family. Now she’s back home with her mother, a teacher at the Navajo Mountain Community School for twenty years, and her father, who is retired from the Peabody Coal Company. She also has many extended family members still living at Navajo Mountain. Her three older brothers live in Farmington, New Mexico, Tempe, Arizona and Blanding.

In her spare time, she enjoys doing things with her children and supporting them in their various activities. She also enjoys camping, fishing, playing volleyball and basketball, and meeting new people.

“I’m looking forward to meeting more of the people at UNHS,” she says. “There are a lot of people at UNHS and it was nice to meet some of them at the recent retreat (in September). I like working with the people in the community here. I like teaching the diabetes classes and helping with the medical side of the clinic. I’m glad to be here.”

Desiree Pelt is another nice addition to the UNHS family and we wish her all the best in her new position.

Mariah Anderson

Mariah Anderson grew up around the Utah Navajo Health System family with her mother Kim Anderson, and several other relatives who also work for UNHS, and now she’s started working in the ‘family business.’

Kim Anderson is the Front Office Manager at the Montezuma Creek Community Health Center and has worked for UNHS for seventeen years. Mariah began her UNHS career as a Patient Transport Driver for Montezuma Creek in late September. She says she enjoys her job, however, being a Patient Transport Driver is just the first step in her goal to pursue a career in the medical field. She’s not sure what she wants to do yet, but she begins school in January and hopes to find a direction while in college. According to Mariah, she enjoyed studying Anatomy in high school and that helped her decide on a career in the medical field. She is considering a career in Physical Therapy, Radiology or possibly as a Lab Technician.

“I plan to be in the medical field and if I have to go away to school, I want to come back and work for UNHS. I grew up with UNHS,” she explained.

A native of Red Mesa, Mariah attended San Juan High School, in Blanding, and graduated in 2015, although she finished her class work in December 2014. After high school she took care of her grandmother. In 2016 she moved with her grandmother to Oklahoma and lived there for a year. She returned to San Juan County in June of   this year, in time to celebrate her 21st birthday.

While in Oklahoma, Mariah worked in the lawn and garden department of a Wal-Mart store, assembling various items, including grills and lawn mowers. She said she’s pretty handy with tools and now she enjoys working with her father, building things around the home, like a recent project to build a porch.

When not working for UNHS, Mariah has a part-time job at the Sinclair gas station in Beclabito, New Mexico. In her spare time she enjoys spending time with her family, watching TV and relaxing, hiking and, of course, building things with her dad. She also likes to drive and take long trips, listening to music.

We’re glad to have Mariah working as a Patient Transport Driver. There’s no need to welcome her to the family because, well, she’s been part of the family most of her life. Welcome back to San Juan County, Mariah. We wish you luck at your new position and Happy Birthday.

Modessa Hancock, RN (L) & Tammy Bonds, RN (R) 

Tammy Bonds began working as an RN at the UNHS Montezuma Creek Community Health Center in February of this year, after four years of working at Blue Mountain Hospital, in Blanding. Tammy and her husband, Dr. James Bonds, MD, moved to Blanding in 2013. Dr. Bonds was a surgeon at BMH until the end of September, when he retired from practicing. Tammy was an OR Nurse and did many of the trainings at BMH, during her time there.

Since February she has worked as a Triage Nurse at the Montezuma Creek Clinic, assessing walk-in patients to determine which patients are seen in what order. She works with all the UNHS providers in  Montezuma Creek and said she really enjoys working for UNHS.

“UNHS is a good company to work for, with great benefits and the providers are  great to work with,” Bonds said.

Modessa Hancock is an RN, who began working in Montezuma Creek the first week in October. She continues to work full-time at Blue Mountain Hospital, but she also works with Bonds as a Triage Nurse in Montezuma Creek. The two explained they don’t normally work one-on-one with patients, unless an urgent medical need arises, there is a need for IV’s or there is lab work to be done.

Modessa and her husband Wade are lifelong residents of Blanding. She has also worked at San Juan Hospital, in Monticello, until recently. Both Tammy and Modessa are welcome additions to the UNHS family and we’re glad to have them with us. Welcome aboard.