Amber Sonny

One more note about the Navajo Mountain Clinic, Amber Sonny, who has been working there for six years now, recently completed her class, passed the test and received her certification as an EMT.


Amber said she traveled to Monument Valley every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from September to December to take the class. When she finished the class she traveled to Flagstaff, Arizona and took the test to certify as an EMT on January 12. She paid all the costs to travel to Monument Valley three times a week and other expenses required to complete the EMT course, along with the other students who completed the course.

She noted that Otis Oldman, UNHS Paramedic and Training Officer who taught her class, called her after he learned the results of the test and asked, “How do you think you did on the test? Do you think you passed?”

“He already knew the results and was giving me a hard time,” Amber said. Otis later said he was proud of those who completed the course and actually took the test to certify as EMT’s.

Amber now works with the EMT’s in Monument Valley on Fridays. We’re proud of her and congratulate her on completing the course and passing the test. She’s going to be a great addition to the UNHS EMS program.