UNHS offers new prescription discount plan

In an effort to help lower prescription costs for patients using the pharmacy services of Utah Navajo Health System, Inc., UNHS has initiated a $4.00 Club program, in conjunction with the Leader® Prescription Club.

According to UNHS PharmD Tyler Gilson, anyone who uses UNHS pharmacies to fill their prescrip- tions can participate in this program. Joining the club is easy. All that’s required is a $10 annual fee that will be assessed with your first prescription. This fee covers the entire family for one year and can even include family pets. After the fee is paid, patients pay the normal $4.00 fee instead of paying a co-pay.

By using the $4.00 Club, patients can receive discounts on select medi

cations listed each month in the Leader® Prescription Club’s Generic Item List. This list can be accessed on line at www.myleaderprescriptionclub.com or from your UNHS Pharmacist, who can also answer questions about the list. Gilson said the Generic Item List may vary slightly from month to month, but the list is basically the same each month.


The FAQs charts at the right are provided by CardinalHealth and can be accessed at the website listed above.

They can answer most of your questions about the Leader® Prescription Club and the UNHS $4.00 Club, and explain the program more fully. If you have more questions feel free to consult your UNHS Pharmacist.


Along with the new $4.00 Club discounts, and honoring regular insurance plans, UNHS Pharmacies also offer sliding scale payment plans for patients who have no insurance or are under-insured. For more details about the sliding scale program contact the front desk personnel at any UNHS Clinic (Blanding, Montezuma Creek or Monument Valley). They can help you apply for sliding scale benefits.

The UNHS $4.00 Club started March 1. Anyone wishing to get more information, or to sign up for the discount club, can contact any UNHS pharmacy.