New Employees of Blue Mountain Hospital

Benesa Ruiz

Benesa Ruiz’s journey to the Blue Mountain Hospital MedSurg Unit has taken her to several different places around the country, including Los Angeles, California, where she grew up.

  Benesa is the newest RN to join the BMH staff, having received her RN certification from Utah State University Eastern – Blanding Campus in April. Benesa and her family have lived in Blanding for thirteen years, but before that she grew up in L.A., later moved to Winnemucca, Nevada, then her family moved to Blanding for a short time, before heading off to Minnesota. She explained that she first moved to Blanding after her brother married a local girl. Following their time in Minnesota, the family returned to Blanding, where Benesa and her husband settled down and went to work raising their family. She said she worked a number of jobs, while her husband worked in the construction business. Benesa eventually enrolled in school at USU Eastern-Blanding Campus and took classes to become an LPN. She then studied to be an RN and admits she’s not sure how she managed to keep up with her RN courses and her growing family (her youngest son is only 1-year-old). But her hard work has paid off.

  “I could not have done this without my family’s support,” Benesa stressed.   They helped balance off my kids when I was MIA.”

  She said she decided to pursue a nursing career because she loves caring for people. “This is where my heart is,” she added.

  Benesa has five children, two girls ages eighteen (she just graduated from San Juan High) and thirteen, a son age seventeen and two younger sons ages 6 and 1. In what spare time she has she loves being with her family and doing things together. She also loves to cook and travel.

  We welcome Benesa to the BMH family and we wish her all the best in her new position. We know she’ll be a great addition to the nursing staff.

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Teina Hazleton

Teina Hazleton recently joined the BMH nursing staff as an LPN and looks forward to learning as much as she can, while she studies to be an RN at the University of Utah Eastern – Blanding Campus.

  Teina was born and raised in Monticello, the daughter of Lyon and Janet Hazleton. She graduated from Monticello High School in 2008 and then attended Snow College. She also served a Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Ohio. She later moved to St. George and worked as Certified Nursing Assistant. She returned to Monticello, enrolled in USU Eastern – Blanding Campus and earned her LPN Certification. She is now enrolled in the USU Eastern RN program.

  Teina said her decision to become a nurse is natural because she comes from a family of nurses, who currently work in places like Arizona, Utah and Nebraska. She said she’s excited to begin working as an LPN and getting as much experience as she can. Teina is one of five children in her family. She is grateful to work so close to home as an LPN, and be able to study to become an RN.

  When not working, Teina likes 4-wheeling, shooting and playing cards. We’re glad to have Teina on the BMH staff and we wish her lots of success in her new career and in her RN studies. 

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Kirk Blackett

Kirk Blackett is a native of Richfield, Utah, who moved to Blanding after marrying a local girl, who happened to become Blue Mountain Hospital’s Executive Assistant earlier this year.

  Kirk has been working in the BMH Materials Department on a temporary basis for the past couple of months, but was recently given a part-time position, after making a good impression on his supervisors. He graduated from Richfield High School in 2012 and then moved to St. George and worked in sales and management for various companies.

  It was in St. George he met Delaney Nielson, who became his wife in 2018. The couple moved to Blanding last year and Kirk enrolled in school, briefly, to become a Medical Assistant. He said he’d eventually like to be in the medical field but for now he’s grateful for his new opportunity with the BMH Materials Department.

  In his spare time Kirk enjoys being with his family and helping raise his infant daughter. When he gets time he also enjoys playing golf. When you see Kirk around the hospital stop and say hello, and welcome him to the BMH family. We know he’ll do a great job.

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