New Medical Records Clerk at BMH

Marty Garza began working as the Medical Records Clerk at Blue Mountain Hospital earlier this month and says she’s looking forward to learning all she can in her new position.

  A native of San Antonio, Texas, Marty moved to Monticello four years ago to be close to her daughter, Gabriella Nielson and her husband Ben, and her four grandchildren. She brings a wealth of medical knowledge to BMH, having practiced as an OB/GYN for thirty years in San Antonio. She said she semi-retired from her practice several years ago to help care for her parents. Even though she was not practicing full time, Marty developed an interest in the Health Information Management field and became a certified Medical Coder.

 “In medical school they don’t teach about medical coding and we’re never trained in it. But medical coding is a vital piece of medical and hospital practice. I’m looking forward to learning the hospital side of medical coding here, and contributing my medical knowledge and experience,” she explained.

  Marty is also teaching part-time at the Utah State University Eastern – Blanding Campus. She teaches Human Growth and Development, a course she says students need if they are pursuing a career in the medical field.

  “I enjoy encouraging kids to consider the medical field,” she added.

  In her spare time, Marty enjoys gardening and she loves dogs. She currently has a rescue Pit Bull that she found in the desert in Texas and fell in love with. She also likes having chickens in her backyard. Mostly she spends time with her daughter and her grandchildren, following them in their school activities. Her 16-year-old granddaughter is on the Monticello High School Track Team and Drill Team. Her 14-year-old grandson enjoys riding motocross and studying karate. She also has two younger grandchildren ages 3 and 5.

  We are glad to welcome Marty Garza to the BMH family and know she will be a great asset to the hospital. When you see her around say hello.

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