Scramble tourney scholarship recipients named

On August 19, twenty young residents of San Juan County who are studying health care-related fields were awarded scholarships by Blue Mountain Hospital and San Juan Health.

  The funds for the scholarships were raised during the third-annual Scholarship Scramble Golf Tournament at the Hideout Golf Club, in Monticello. According Farley Crofts, of San Juan Health, the tournament raised $10,000 for scholarships this year.

  “This is the largest amount raised so far,” Crofts said. “We want to thank all those who helped  with this effort, including the Hideout Golf Club, the local golfing community, and those who made donations.”

  Crofts added that the scholarships help promote local residents getting into the health care professions and hopefully coming back to San Juan County to practice.

  “We’re raising our own health care professionals who live and breathe rural America,” he added.

  The twenty scholarships are also the most given out in one year, so far.

Recipients of the 2019 Scholarship Scramble Golf Tournament scholarships were honored last month and received their scholarship money. Recipients pictured above are (L-R) Crystal Shumway, Jennifer Conway, Gabrielle Nielson, Marci Bothwell, Stenson Freestone, Teina Hazleton, Brandi Hall, Dawn Dilego, Mary Grisham, Alice Friend, Tondra Benn, Jens Grover and Stockton Perkins. Several recipients were unable to attend the presentation. They included: Nick Fox, Kristi Redd, Grange Simpson, LaShay Lewis, Megan Orr, Yeni Garranza and Sage Palmer Black. Congratulations to all this year’s scholarship recipients.                 Staff photo

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