BMH and San Juan Hospital Conduct Joint Exercise

Blue Mountain and San Juan Hospital co-sponsored a mock emergency training exercise earlier this month, marking the first time the two hospitals have participated together in such an event. Other participants in the training exercise included, UNHS, Rocky Mountain Home Care, 4 Corners Care Center, San Juan Public Health, San Juan County EMS, San Juan County Emergency Management, Utah State University nursing students, Utah Division of Emergency Management, South- eastern Utah Health Department, San Juan County Fire, Monticello Police and Blanding Police.

  According to Cari Spillman, Compliance Program Manager for Blue Mountain Hospital, participants practiced a drive up POD (Point of Distribution), a procedure that would be used if it became necessary to give medication quickly and efficiently to the community in the event of an outbreak or disaster. The scenario for this exercise involved multiple patients being sent to the Emergency Room in Blanding, from 4 Corners Care Center, with flu symptoms. One was a dialysis patient. BMH had a full census and the ER was quickly overwhelmed. The BMH ER diverted patients to San Juan Hospital. SJH also had a full census. Public Health was notified about a possible flu outbreak in the community. Blue Mountain Dialysis was also notified. One of their patients is a Monticello resident who has attended local Senior Citizen events. Several patients in that community also presented to SJH with flu symptoms. San Juan Public Health set up a POD to distribute Tamiflu to affected members of the community.

  Mock patients were also triaged to the BMH Emergency Room to give the ER staff some practice in donning and doffing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), while dealing with multiple very sick patients. Spillman said San Juan Public Health did a great job on the POD and the exercise gave them some good practice. The nursing students were excited to get involved. Some drove through the POD, some presented to the ER, some were nurses in the ER, she added.

  “We trained at Blue Mountain in the morning and at San Juan in the afternoon. We loved this model because it allowed us to practice in the morning, make some improvements and practice again in the afternoon,” Spillman explained. “We were able to see improvements immediately, which helps us to solidify our plans and be ready for the next outbreak or disaster we might see here in our county. We had great participation from all the different agencies, and had a lot of fun.

  “It’s exciting to see how well our county comes together, works and plays together, and helps each other. I am grateful for everyone’s participation in this exercise and I am excited to start planning the next one in 2020,” she added..

Blue Mountain Hospital and San Juan Hospital, in Monticello, teamed for the first time to sponsor and conduct a mock emergency exercise earlier this month. Shown above, BMH personnel don Personal Protect Equipment in the Emergency Room as part of the drill. BMH Compliance Program Manager, Cari Spillman (third from right above) helped organize the exercise in concert with San Juan Hospital officials. She said the exercise provided an excellent opportunity for all agencies involved to learn valuable lessons and experience as they prepare to deal with an actual outbreak or similar type of disaster in the future.
Staff photo

Photos from recent emergency exercise show BMH Emergency Room personnel participating in the exercise, wearing their Personal Protective Equipment. The photos above show San Juan Public Health, UNHS, USU nursing students and San Juan Health staff  at the drive-up Point of Delivery locations outside Blue Mountain and San Juan Hospitals. BMH Compliance Program Manager Cari Spillman said the exercise was held at BMH in the morning and again at San Juan Hospital in the afternoon, providing two excellent training opportunities. Staff photos

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