BMH names co-Employees of the Year

  Sunny Su’esu’e, RN, and Jodene Johnson, RN, were named co-Employees of the Year for 2019 by Blue Mountain Hospital, during the annual Christmas Party last Thursday night at the San Juan Wellness Center.

  Kent Turek, BMH Chief Financial Officer, introduced the two honorees and said both were mentors to him when he first came to the hospital as an RN in March 2012. He later served as Director of Clinical Services.

  “Both Sunny and Jodene have had a profound impact on Blue Mountain Hospital and on the community. They have been with the hospital a long time. They fill in a lot of holes and work hard,” Turek said.

  BMH CEO Jeremy Lyman noted that with the nationwide nursing shortage, BMH is lucky to have one of the best nursing staffs in the region. He said Sunny and Jodene play a huge role in making the nursing staff among the best.

  “They have gone above and beyond,” he said. “We’ve never had two employees of the year but it was too hard to chose just one this year,” he added.

  Su’esu’e and Johnson received Employee of the Year plaques and large photos by local photographer Kay Shumway.

  “I was so surprised. I had no idea this was going to happen,” Su’esu’e said later. “But it’s nice to be recognized and know that your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. A lot of nurses at Blue Mountain Hospital are working hard and stepping up every day and they all deserve to be recognized.”

  Su’esu’e was also recognized as one of thirteen BMH employees who have been with the hospital since it opened ten years ago, in 2009. The others are; Gail Northern, Georgia Black, Kelsey Homedew, Mitch Bailey, Trent Herring, Nick Fox, Modessa Hancock, Deanna Stevens, Lita Neal, Codi Orr, Debra King and Troy Palmer.

  Jodene Johnson joined the BMH staff in March 2011. She  said she’s honored to be recognized as co-Employee of the Year.

  “I’m thankful for all the nursing staff and what they do, and I want to thank the administration team for this award,” Johnson added.

  Congratulations to Sunny and Jodene for being recognized as the 2019 co-Employees of the Year at Blue Mountain Hospital.

  During last week’s event, BMH also paid tribute to Donna and Lewis Singer for their tireless efforts on behalf of the hospital. Donna was one of the original advocates for a hospital in Blanding. She was instrumental in promoting the idea of a hospital in Blanding more than a decade before it was finally approved. Donna also served as the second CEO at Blue Mountain Hospital until 2014, when she stepped down and  Jeremy Lyman was appointed to that position. She has been a member of the BMH Board of Directors since the Board was formed.

  “Donna worked very hard for several years before the hospital was approved,” said current BMH Board Chair, Lynn Stevens, in his remarks. Stevens worked closely with Singer to advocate for a hospital in Blanding, during his time as San Juan County Commissioner. “Then, after it was approved she worked with State and Federal agencies to validate the need for a hospital in Blanding,” he continued. “She and Lewis logged thousands of miles between Blanding and Salt Lake City and Washington D.C. to help get this hospital off the ground. Donna has worked diligently on the hospital Board of Directors since then. As a result, she’s a member of the two-million mile club and the 120 mph club,” Stevens laughed, before adding, “This would have never been done without Donna!”   Jeremy Lyman, noted that Donna was the original CEO of Utah Navajo Health System when it opened in 2000, and served in that position until 2014. He said Donna and Lewis have both worked tirelessly for more than twenty years to promote health care in San Juan County. Donna has announced her official retirement from the BMH Board of Directors

Lewis and Donna Singer (L) were recognized for their years of service to Blue Mountain Hospital, at last week’s BMH Christmas party. BMH Board Chair Lynn Stevens (C), BMH COO Trent Herring (second from R) and CEO Jeremy Lyman (R) presented the couple with gifts and praised their service. Donna has announced her retirement from the BMH Board of Directors. She was also the hospital’s second  CEO, after working for years, with Lewis’ support, to bring a hospital to Blanding. Stevens said BMH wouldn’t have been built without Donna’s hard work.  Staff photo

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