Blanding youth get into the Giving spirit

Santa’s helper brings gifts to BMH

Kade Snyder got into the Christmas Spirit, during the holidays,  bringing bags filled with bubbles and other items to give out to children at Blue Mountain Hospital. We appreciate the gifts, and the time and effort it took Kade to make them.  

Courtesy photo

BMH benefits from Eagle project

Paxton Christensen presented Blue Mountain Hospital with several camouflage blankets he made as part of his Eagle Scout Project. Paxton bought the material for thirty-two blankets with donations he received for his project. He saved nearly $400 by purchasing his material, during the Black Friday sales, after Thanksgiving. In a five-week period he made the blankets from many different patterns, including flowers and camouflage and other designs. He distributed the blankets between BMH, San Juan Hospital and the Four Corners Care Center as a humanitarian gesture, to be used as needed at each facility. Paxton is shown above with BMH RN Sunny Su’esu’e. We appreciate the donation and congratulate Paxton on completing the requirements for his Eagle Scout. The blankets will be put to good use.

Courtesy photo

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