COVID-19 testing continues in San Juan County

For the past two weeks, medical providers and staff at UNHS, Blue Mountain Hospital and San Juan Public Health stayed busy testing well over 2,000 San Juan County residents for the COVID-19 virus, during mass testing operations like that pictured above.

  Officially, in Blanding, last Thursday and Friday, 1218 individuals were tested in their vehicles at Centennial Park. A small army of healthcare staff donned their personal protective equipment (PPE) and administered the tests through open windows and recorded information about those tested.

  The week before, a similar event was held in Montezuma Creek with an equally impressive number of residents being tested by healthcare staff from UNHS and Public Health, wearing PPEs, conducting the test through open vehicle windows.

  A summary of the test results from two days of testing in Blanding is included on page 4 of this edition. It indicates a vast majority of those tested, tested negative, while lesss than 10% tested positive. UNHS officials said final results of COVID-19 testing from all sites on the Utah portion of the Navajo Nation will be available to share in the June edition of Medically Speaking.

Lining up to be tested in Blanding
Well over 2,000 San Juan County residents were tested over the past two weeks in Montezuma Creek and Blanding (Above). 1218 were tested in Blanding and as of Monday, May 18, 1181 were received with 1081 negative results (91.5%) and 86 (7.3%) testing positive.  Staff photo
1218 individuals were tested for the COVID-19 virus, in Blanding, last Thursday and Friday. Above, BMH COO Trent Herring was one of those tested. Courtesy photo

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